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【 The brief introduction of the company 】           

  Tianjin ROC Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd was first set up in 2002, which is a stock holding incorporating industry and trade, registered in Evergreen Industrial and Trading Area in Jin Nan District. Our company is mainly processing and manufacturing spare parts and assemblage fittings for the different kinds of large, medium size equipment owned by the foreign capital enterprise, in the meanwhile, we are the authorized dealer for the Zebra bar code printers of the American Zebra Corporation. We have great prospect for the market, and our service covers an extensive area, deeply trusted by Motorola, CTS, ITT, SUZLON, Schlumberger, Vestas, Continental, Toyo etc. of foreign capital enterprises, we have strengthened our cooperating partnership with many foreign capital enterprises with each passing day.Our company has passed the ISO9001:2000 international quantity management system attestation.Our company is taking the steps as the sun-rising enterprise, ceaselessly developing into a much advanced, deeper modern enterprise,

【 The main equipment of the company】

1. C6132lathe、C6140lathe、plane grinder。
2. X6130milling machine、XW5032milling machine、X5032milling machine、KTM-3Hvertical type barbette milling machine。
3.25rocker drill 、Z5140A drill press。
4. 25、40、60ton punch。
5. 6X2500、8X4000 bending machine 、6X2500A、8X4000 guillotine shear。
6. Electric welding, gas welder, argon-arc welding, plasma cutting machine。

【Introduction of the product】

I. Processing items:
1. Mechanical equipment and development design and manufacture;
2. Manufacture of the stainless steel products;
3. Mechanical spare parts processing;
II.Trading items:
1. Our company is the authorized dealer of bar code printer of American Zebra Corporation.
American Zebra Company was established in 1969, mainly committing itself to the development and manufacture of bar code printers, which is widely known in the world for its thermal transfer bar code printers. Zebra printers can also be parallel interfaced to the minitype machine, working station and personal computer by means of the RS232C serial interface and Centronics. The American Zebra Company is the top class corporation producing bar code printers, possessing the entire series of bar code printers with high, medium, and low grades, the barcode, words, graphs with different specifications can be printed out easily and rapidly. It can be applied in the trades like commerce, medicine, manufacturing, storage, transportation, distribution, etc.
2. Marketing of SMT equipment’s original and local made nozzles of different kinds of brands, and sale of feeders of different models.( brand-new original factory manufactured pieces and second hand ).

【Tenet of the company】:Quality, standard, reputation。

【Contact us】
Company name: Tianjn ROC Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Factory address: No. 6, Chongqing Street, Evergreen Technological , Industrial and Trading Area, Jin Nan District, Tianjin
Zip code:300350
Telephone: 022-28594565 022-28594612-83
Fax: 022-28594576
Contact person:Ms. Sun
E-mail:tjroc@tjroc.net /